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Select Auto Protect vs. DriveSmart
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An extended warranty is a service contract that provides additional protection for your vehicle beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. It covers unexpected repairs and maintenance costs, saving you budget from unexpected expenses. If you plan to use your vehicle for a long time, an extended warranty can be a wise investment. However, not all extended warranty companies are created equal, and choosing the best one for your needs can be challenging.

This blog post will compare two popular extended warranty companies: Select Auto Protect and DriveSmart. We will examine their coverage options, reviews, customer service, and other key factors to help you decide which company is the right choice for you. So, if you’re struggling with choosing an extended warranty option, keep reading to learn more about these two companies.

Select Auto Protect vs. DriveSmart: Overview

Before delving into the specifics of Select Auto Protect and DriveSmart plans, let’s take a look at a comparison chart that outlines each company’s features:

 Select Auto ProtectDriveSmart
Experience in the Industry30+ years10+ years
24/7 ClaimsYesYes
Unlimited Service CallsYesYes
Trustpilot Rating4.43.4
Plans Available33
Money Back GuaranteeYes (30-Day)Yes (30-Day)
Cancellation PolicyFull refund if canceled within 30 days of purchaseFull refund if canceled within 30 days of purchase
Roadside AssistanceIncluded in all plansIncluded in all plans
Additional Benefits

Trip interruption benefits

Towing coverage

Gas refill services

Trip interruption benefits

Towing coverage

Sample Contract AvailableYesNot available

Select Auto Protect Overview

Select Auto Protect is an extended warranty company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. One of the standout features of Select Auto Protect is its unlimited service calls, which means you can reach out to them for assistance as many times as needed without worrying about any additional costs. Another benefit of using Select Auto Protect is that they accept any ASE Certified technician throughout the USA, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred mechanic. Additionally, Select Auto Protect covers a wide range of car brands and models, providing customers with comprehensive protection against unexpected repairs and maintenance costs.

Select Auto Protect Warranty: Pros and Cons

Below are some of the primary advantages and disadvantages of Select Auto Protect:

Coverage for vehicles of all agesNo mobile app
Roadside assistance 
Seamless reimbursement and repair payment process 
No onsite inspection required 

DriveSmart Overview

DriveSmart is an extended warranty company that offers nationwide coverage in the United States and Canada. One of the standout features of DriveSmart is its easy claims process, which makes it simple and hassle-free for customers to get the assistance they need when faced with unexpected repairs or maintenance issues. In addition, DriveSmart offers 24/7 roadside assistance to provide customers with the peace of mind while on the road. Another benefit of using DriveSmart is their car rental reimbursement program, which covers the cost of a rental vehicle while your car is being repaired, ensuring you are not left stranded without transportation.

DriveSmart: Pros and Cons

Car rental assistanceLower Trustpilot rating
Available in the USA and Canada 

Select Auto Protect vs. DriveSmart Warranty: Coverage

Here is a summary of the warranty plans Select Auto Protect and DriveSmart offer.

Select Auto Protect Coverage

Select Auto Protect offers customers three extended warranty plans that provide comprehensive coverage. The first option is the Select Silver plan, an affordable choice covering your engine, transmission, cooling system, electrical system, and brakes repairs. Customers enrolled in Select Silver also gain access to the company’s roadside assistance, gas refill, and rental car programs.

For those looking for even more coverage, Select Auto Protect offers the Select Gold plan, which includes all the features of Select Silver plus lock-out protection and coverage for your steering system. The top-tier plan, Select Platinum, provides all the benefits of Gold and Silver with additional coverage for your AC and cooling system, ABS brakes, suspension, and more. Whether you’re looking for basic coverage or the most extensive protection, Select Auto Protect has the plan to suit your needs.

 Select PlatinumSelect GoldSelect Silver
Cooling Systemxxx
Brake Systemxxx
Electrical Systemxxx
Drive Axlexxx
Trip Interruptionxxx
Gas Refillxxx
Roadside Assistancexxx
Rental Carxxx
Lock Outxx 
Steering Systemxx 
ABS Brakesx  
AC Systemx  
Heating Systemx  
Fuel Systemx  
Front Suspensionx  
Back Suspensionx  

DriveSmart Warranty Coverage

DriveSmart offers three extended warranty plans to suit different budgets and coverage needs. The first plan is Voyager, which covers the most important and costly parts of your vehicle while still being budget-friendly. The second plan, Travelers, offers comprehensive coverage comparable to a brand-new vehicle. Finally, Travelers MAX coverage is an exclusionary plan that covers all car components except for routine maintenance, providing the highest level of protection available.

 Travelers MAXTravelersVoyager
Cooling Systemxxx
Electrical Systemxxx
Drive Axlexxx
AC Systemxxx
Brake Systemxx 
Steering Systemxx 
ABS Brakesxx 
Electrical System+xx 
Electrical System Maxx  

Customer Reviews

In order to get a more accurate picture of what coverage with each company is like, here are several customer reviews for both Select Auto Protect and DriveSmart.

Select Auto Protect Reviews

On Trustpilot, Select Auto Protect has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating out of over 150 reviews. Here’s what customers say about Select Auto Protect:

“Excellent service, outstanding support. Representative was incredible and immediately addressed all my issues. Coverage was complete and timely, less than an hour! This is by far, the best auto warranty company in the U.S., and I’ve referred a number of friends and family.

Thank you Select Auto, you have a great team!” – Boris Bergus

“This company was not pushy and everything they said about the warranty is what I’m seeking for. What’d better is that we all don’t have thousand of dollars so the monthly is were it’s at and being number 1 of the top 20 warranty companies is were I feel comfortable. AND my rep is so helpful and went beyond to get me what I need.” – Souren Sevadjian

DriveSmart Warranty Reviews

Here are several Trustpilot DriveSmart reviews. The company currently has a rating of 3.2 out of over 300 reviews.

“Today i had a very wonderful experience talking with the representative from DriveSmart and joining their warranty program, the Gentleman who i talked to was very professional and helpful and polite in helping me with my decision with joining Drive Smart warranty and I am very glad I did , Thanks so much for helping me.” – James Aaron

“The lady I spoke with was more than helpful and suggested things I could do on my end to fix my problem. She also advised me that there was a way of getting my money back from another similar company that had been charging me a much higher amount than what was agreed upon.” – Bonnie Lowe


After carefully examining and comparing the extended warranty plans offered by Select Auto Protect and DriveSmart, it is clear that Select Auto Protect provides better overall coverage and value for customers. While both companies offer a range of plans to suit different budgets and coverage needs, Select Auto Protect’s plans provide more comprehensive coverage at competitive prices. Additionally, Select Auto Protect’s unlimited service calls and acceptance of any ASE-certified technician across the USA provide customers with greater flexibility and peace of mind. In conclusion, Select Auto Protect is better for customers who want comprehensive protection and excellent service from their extended warranty provider.

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