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Select Auto Protect vs. ForeverCar
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A vehicle’s original warranty offers protection and peace of mind, but it will eventually expire. Extended warranties are a practical solution for drivers who wish to continue to cover their vehicle in unexpected repairs and maintenance. Without the protection from a warranty, you could be liable for a costly repair bill, placing a significant burden on your finances.

When shopping for an extended warranty, it’s important to consider all of your available options. Select Auto Protect is one of several extended warranties available on the market today, along with many other attractive providers. This article shows how Select Auto Protect stacks up against another competitor: ForeverCar. Review this guide to learn more about each company so you can purchase the perfect solution for your needs.

Select Auto Protect vs. ForeverCar Comparison

Before getting into the specific details of the Select Auto Protect and ForeverCar plans, here is a comparison chart summarizing each company:

  Select Auto Protect ForeverCar
Experience in the Industry 30+ years 10+ years
24/7 Claims Yes During business hours only
Unlimited Service Calls/Claims Yes Yes
Deductible $100 Up to $500
Number of Plans Offered 3 4
Money Back Guarantee Yes (30-Day) Yes (30-Day)
Cancellation Policy Full refund if canceled within 30 days of purchase Full refund if canceled within 30 days of purchase
Roadside Assistance Included in all plans Included in all plans
Additional Benefits Trip interruption benefits
Towing coverage
Gas refill services
Payment plans
Rental car reimbursement
Travel expense reimbursement

Select Auto Protect Overview

At Select Auto Protect, we want to ease the anxiety and overwhelm that come with unexpected maintenance and auto repairs. One of the benefits of our extended warranties is the simplified payment process. When you’re at the repair shop, you’ll only be responsible for the deductible. Our customer service team will assist your mechanic with the rest of the payment details in a quick phone call. Select Auto Protect also provides peace of mind to customers through our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Many extended warranty providers require a preliminary inspection, which can be inconvenient and delay the repair process. Select Auto Protect plans don’t require this inspection. To get the process started, simply contact customer service and provide them with your VIN number and the current reading on your vehicle’s odometer. Additionally, with Select Auto Protect, you can take your vehicle in for repairs at any ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) location throughout the country.


  • Coverage for vehicles of all ages
  • 24/7 unlimited claims
  • Seamless reimbursement and repair payment process
  • No onsite inspection required


  • Newer to the extended warranty industry
  • No mobile app

ForeverCar Overview

ForeverCar officially launched in 2014 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. The company has strategic partnerships with Liberty Mutual, SafeAuto, and Consumers Credit Union, which contributed to the organization’s growth. ForeverCar also has a partnership with vehicle retailer Carvana.

According to the ForeverCar website, the company’s mission is to create a better car experience for drivers. Customers also benefit from a dedicated repair concierge who can assist in emergencies. 


  • Excellent Trustpilot rating
  • Four plans to choose from
  • Multiple waiting period options


  • Website is difficult to navigate
  • Limited benefits
  • Inspection require prior to repairs

Select Auto Protect vs. ForeverCar: Coverage 

Here is a summary of the plans and coverage for Select Auto Protect and ForeverCar.

Select Auto Protect Coverage and Plans

There are three comprehensive Select Auto Protect extended warranty plans to choose from. In the basic, budget-friendly Select Silver Plan, customers get protection for a vehicle’s transmission, electrical components, brakes, engine, and cooling system. The next tier plan is the Select Gold, which includes all benefits from the Select Silver plan, along with steering system coverage and lockout services.

The highest tier plan available is the Select Platinum plan. This plan includes all benefits from the lower tier plans plus coverage for ABS brakes, suspension, and the AC and cooling system. All Select Auto Protect plans feature additional convenient benefits to help in emergencies, like roadside assistance, rental car services, and even gas refill assistance.

  Select Platinum Select Gold Select Silver
Engine x x x
Transmission x x x
Cooling System x x x
Brake System x x x
Electrical System x x x
Drive Axle x x x
Trip Interruption x x x
Gas Refill x x x
Roadside Assistance x x x
Rental Car x x x
Lock Out x x  
Steering System x x  
ABS Brakes x    
AC System x    
Heating System x    
Fuel System x    
Turbo/Supercharger x    
Hi-Tech x    
Front Suspension x    
Back Suspension x    

Select Auto Protect Cost

The cost of an extended warranty depends on several factors, which include your car’s make and model, the age of your vehicle, and the current mileage. The average Select Auto Protect customer pays between $1,300 and $2,000 in upfront costs, however this may vary depending on your own unique circumstances.

ForeverCar Coverage and Plans

ForeverCar offers four extended warranty plans: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus. Unlike most other competitors, the ForeverCar website was difficult to navigate in terms of plan information. Potential customers are referred to the sample service agreements to view the full coverage details, which are a bit tedious to sort through.

The Silver plan is the most basic ForeverCar plan offered. It includes basic coverage for main components, like the engine, transmission, steering, and suspension. The Gold plan includes everything in the Silver plan, plus more advanced components like power seating, ABS, and digital displays. 

Both the Platinum and Platinum Plus plans are exclusionary plans. While they do include the coverage from both the Silver and Gold plans, they are based on a list of excluded components which are outlined in the service agreement. The main difference between the Platinum and Platinum Plus plans is the Platinum Plus plan included coverage for “wearables”, like brake pads and windshield wipers.

  Silver Gold Platinum Platinum Plus
Engine x x x x
Transmission x x x x
Front/Rear Wheel Drive x x x x
Steering x x x x
Front Suspension x x x x
Brakes x x x x
Electrical x x x x
Air Conditioning x x x x
Hybrid Vehicle Components x x x x
Seals and Gaskets x x x x
Emergency Roadside Assistance x x x x
Anti-lock brakes (ABS)   x x x
Power seating     x x
Digital displays     x x
Exclusionary Plan     x x
Wearable Components       x

ForeverCar Cost

As mentioned above, the actual cost of your extended warranty depends on several factors. However, customers report the average upfront cost for a ForeverCar plan ranges from $1,700 to $2,900. 


To help paint a more accurate picture of what the customer experience is like with a company, it’s important to pay attention to real feedback. Here are several customer reviews for both Select Auto Protect and ForeverCar.

Select Auto Protect Reviews

Select Auto Protect has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating out of over 130 reviews on Trustpilot. Here’s what real customers had to say about Select Auto Protect.

We received a call from Adam yesterday in response to our request for a quote online. Adam was very knowledgeable, he explained everything in great detail, and he answered all our questions. When I told him I needed to present everything to my Husband, and reconnect at 11:00am PDT, he said ok. I also requested both packages via email and what they covered, he was quick and had both quotes in my inbox before we ended our call. Adam kept his word, and called us at exactly 11:00am; I was truly impressed.

Thank you Adam! 😊 – Urania

Fantastic customer service! The coverage of my policy was very inclusive and the rate for such extensive coverage was incredible. Adam helped me and provided me with excellent customer service. I’m very happy that I found this service . – anonymous

“David provided exceptional care throughout the process. From making himself available, talking me through the options and services, and following up to make sure everything went ok with the purchase. I hope the coverage and company provides a product as strong as their representatives, really appreciate his commitment in getting me set up during the holidays.” – Ryan

Adam was very patient and thorough throughout the lengthy process of about 2 weeks it took before I signed on the dotted line! He answered all questions and concerns I had and even went the extra step to match my budget and offer additional incentives that gave me no choice but to close the deal! If you ever need any extended warranty on your vehicle(s), make sure you ask for Adam! He’ll take care of you, for sure! – David

ForeverCar Reviews

Here are several Trustpilot customer reviews for ForeverCar. The company currently has a rating of 4.8 out of over 4,800 reviews.

Carlo was amazing! Clearly knowledgeable and passionate about the product. Not pushy at all Just extremely informative and helpful which I appreciated. I chose the Platinum package, thanks to his expertise and guidance. I would highly recommend Carlo! On a final note I would be remiss if I didn’t mention… as a long time business owner who has employed hundreds over the years…I truly hope that “The powers that be” recognize what an asset they have been blessed with! take care of him, an employee of his caliber would be be impossible to replace. – anonymous

The person I spoke to (Ashton) was both very knowledgeable and very helpful. Extremely easy to renew my policy and he had all of my information at hand. A real pleasure to work with, and I give him a 10/10 in customer service skills. We hope he is recognized as an extremely valuable employee. He deserves it!!!  – Daniel

I just signed up for this service today. I signed up for a call appointment. The call came on the exact time I requested. Mr Hohnstein was very polite and very knowledgeable of this program. I was hesitant about signing up. After having the program fully explained to me and all my questions answered. I felt really comfortable buying the service. – Charlie

Signed up for coverage today with Sara. I have been working with Sara for several weeks in renewing my Forever car plan. Sara has been very helpful, always returned calls promptly, and provided excellent service. I highly recommend Sara and Forever Car. – Elaine

Although most Trustpilot reviews for ForeverCar were positive, some customers shared negative or critical feedback. However, it is worth noting that a ForeverCar representative responded to each comment to resolve issues.

Being asked to write a review after the sales process is irrelevant. Of course, all companies are polite as you are giving them your money. I will review the service after I have filed a claim. However, one thing about the sales process that bothered me is the hidden tiers that were not visible to me after requesting a quote. I had to speak with an agent (who was very polite) about offers that were hidden. – William


Purchasing an extended warranty isn’t a decision to take lightly. Doing the necessary research before making a final purchase is essential. Based on the research, both ForeverCar and Select Auto Protect are reputable companies with solid extended warranty products available to customers. 

ForeverCar has an excellent rating on Trustpilot and several positive customer reviews. Although ForeverCar offers four comprehensive service plans, the lack of transparency on their website makes it difficult to review details. In terms of price, ForeverCar is comparable to Select Auto Protect. 

Even though Select Auto Protect is new to the extended warranty industry, our team has over 30 years of professional automotive experience. Combined with our favorable Trustpilot rating and positive feedback from customers, Select Auto Protect is an excellent choice for your extended warranty needs. If you’re in need of comprehensive vehicle coverage, desire a no-nonsense quote experience, and value customer service, contact us today to learn more.

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